Plan Commission

City Code 2-4-2: Duties:

The duties and powers of the commission shall be the same as set forth in section 62.23 of the Wisconsin statutes, and acts amendatory and supplementary thereto. In addition thereto, the commission shall have responsibility to analyze demographic and economic trends in the city and to recommend to the council policies or programs designed to promote the orderly development of infrastructure, housing or other improvements needed to accommodate demographic and economic trends in the city.

City Code: Plan Commission

Wisconsin State Statutes 62.23: City planning

City Code 2-4-5: Powers
The commission may employ expert advice, upon the authority of the council if any appropriation is necessary, and may have made maps showing proposed additions to or changes of the comprehensive plan. The commission may request assistance from any official, department, board or agency of the city.

Members and Term Expirations

  • Mayor Louis Armstrong, Chairperson
  • Nate Klassy, Vice-Chair (2021)
  • Andrew Kranig, City Alderperson (2021)
  • Ronald M. Spielman (2021)
  • William Bethke (2020)
  • Luis Carus (2023)
  • Jeff Maliszewski (2022)