Curbside Recycling Collection

Pellitteri Waste Systems is the hauler for the City of Monroe curbside trash & recycling collection.  They can be contacted at or (800) 400-4285.

Please see map for your collection day.  MAP  
For a new cart (exchanges, repairs, etc.) please contact Pellitteri at (800) 400-4285 or through their website

Carts should be set out by 6:00 A.M. and placed in the correct position for collection.

Additional Curbside Recyclables That Do Not Fit In the Cart

If you have additional recyclables that do not fit in your recycling cart, you may place them outside of your cart(s) for collection if prepared properly

There is a $3.40 fee per extra bag of recycling.  Additional recycling must be placed in a clear, plastic bag that is 32-gallons or less and weigh no more than 50 Lbs.  Please contact Pellitteri at (800) 400-4285 at least a day ahead of your collection day to make arrangements for pick up.  

Please follow the link below for information on how to properly prepare additional recyclables.
If you already have the largest recycling cart (95 Gallon) and are in need of an additional recycling cart, you are eligible for an additional recycling cart through the City of Monroe.  There is no additional fee at this time.  Please contact the Street Dept. at      (608) 329-2490 to make arrangements for an additional recycling cart.  The City will deliver the cart at no cost.