By Appointment


 David Lothspeich
City Administrator / City Comptroller

1110 18th Avenue
Monroe, Wisconsin 53566

Phone: (608) 329-2527

The Need for Professional Municipal Administration:
Local governments are complex organizations that require expertise in personnel, planning, finance, and intergovernmental relations and an administrative structure that provides coordination of municipal services. 

The City Administrator serves at the pleasure of the Common Council under the guidance of an employment agreement. It is the City Administrator's job to make sure the policy decisions made      by the Common Council are carried out and that public services are delivered efficiently and effectively.
Professional public administrators, similar to executives running private sector businesses, bring together the leadership, vision, and focus on results needed to create better communities by:
  • managing financial and human resources
  • delivering services
  • planning strategically for community development
  • using performance metrics systems to drive continuous improvement
  • committing to high ethical standards.

City Administration Organizational Chart

Life, Well Run
Life, Well Run is an ICMA (International City/County Management Association) initiative to raise awareness of and appreciation for the value professional managers bring to building ethical, efficient, effective local government and great communities we’re proud to call home.

Code of Ethics
According to the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), the ICMA Code of Ethics was adopted in 1924 and defines the principles that today serve as the foundation for the local government management profession and set the standard for excellence. Leadership in a management structure committed to equity, transparency, integrity, stewardship of public resources, political neutrality, and respect for the rights and responsibility of elected officials and residents strengthens democratic local governance. ICMA members pledge to uphold these principles in their conduct and decisions in order to merit the trust of the public, elected officials, and staff they serve.