Tax Increment District 8

Tax Increment District 8 (TID 8) was created in 2006.  The district is located on the City's north side entrance from STH 69 along the 18th Avenue corridor.  The purpose of the district is to promote the revitalization of this highly visible entrance to the City, improving the condition of the property, improving public safety and making the area a better place to live and do business.  

In the TID 8 Project Plan there are monies set aside as "Redevelopment Funds."  The purpose of these funds is to promote redevelopment of blighted parcels within the TID.  Contact the City to determine if the parcel is blighted.  Disbursement and approval of redevelopment funds is subject to the City's Tax Increment Finance Policy.  Projects must follow the policy is order to be considered for funds.
Map of District
TID 8 Map