Tax Increment District 7

Tax Increment District 7 was created in 2005 and further amended in 2016.  TID 7 encompasses the entirety of the City's downtown district.  The district was created on a finding that at least 50%, by area, of the real property within the District was in need of rehabilitation and conservation work.  While predominately containing mixed use properties of commercial/residential, the district also includes some standalone residential properties and industrial uses, including Minhas Brewery and Wisconsin Cheese Group.

The City has completed public works improvements in the district which include reconstructing the downtown square with new pavement, sidewalks, landscaping, decorative lighting, buried utility transmission lines, replaced aging water, sanitary and storm water infrastructure and installed theme related signage.  The City also operated a facade improvement grant through the TID until funds were exhausted.  Projects in the works include upgrades to the district's parking system.

The City may enter into agreements with property owners, lessees, or developers of land located within the District for the purpose of sharing costs to encourage the desired kind of improvements and assure tax base is generated sufficient to recover the aforementioned and future project costs. No cash grants will be provided until the City executes a developer agreement with the recipient of the cash grant. Disbursement and approval of cash grants is subject to the City's Tax Increment Finance Policy. Projects must follow the policy in order to be considered for funds.

Plan DocumentsTax Increment District 7 Plan w/ 2016 Amendment 

Additional Considerations
Developers and property owners should be aware that a significant portion of TID 7 is also in a Historic Preservation District.  Construction and alterations to buildings are subject to the historic preservation guidelines adopted in the preservation plan.
Map of District