School Resource Officer (SRO)

The Monroe School District and City of Monroe recently entered into an Intergovernmental agreement for the assignment of a School Resource Officer (SRO).  An SRO is defined as a career law enforcement officer with sworn authority, who is deployed by an employing police department or agency, in a community-oriented policing assignment to work in collaboration with one or more schools.
Kim Quinn, an officer with the Monroe Police department, has been selected as the acting SRO for the Monroe School District.  She has completed her 40 hours of specialized training in school policing before being assigned and plans to participate in future professional development opportunities for School Resource Officers.  Officer Quinn will begin acting as SRO on Monday, August 26th.
The Monroe School District and City of Monroe are looking forward to enhancing their relationship while working on keeping the community safe.
Benefits of the SRO program include:

  • Prevention or minimization of property damage in the school and surrounding areas.
  • Prevention of student injuries and even death due to violence, drug overdoses, etc.
  • Reduction of the need for schools to call 911
  • Increase of the likelihood that students (particularly those with mental health issues) will get the help they need from social service and health care systems.
  • Increase in feelings of safety among students and staff.Officer Quinn