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City-based Projects
Project Number Description Status
Coordinate the city’s various Community Funds and Foundations to prioritize publicly adopted and recognized needs, working to make public giving more deliberate and targeted Not Started

Identify programs, materials, and expenses that fall to existing funding sources (such as schools and cities), and identify those non-funded assets in need of new sources of revenue. Not Started

Explore ways to expand and build awareness about the city’s various Community Funds
Not Started
Prioritize access to critical community infrastructure, such as grocery stores and medical facilities, for senior and mobility impaired community members.
Not Started

CC-CR-5 Increase the amount of print materials written in Spanish within the community
Not Started

Encourage language learning by connecting community members with the language learning resources in Monroe, including the Monroe High School, Black Hawk Technical College, and UW-Extension.
Not Started

Prioritize financial support for current and future Human Services that focus on all age groups
Not Started

Pool volunteer resources more efficiently through coordination of the volunteer agencies and local organizations.
Not Started

Promote volunteer opportunities through the use of marketing materials targeting all age demographics, such as flyers, radio announcements, social media, and other options.
Not Started

Support, and look to further develop, existing leadership courses.
Not Started
CC-CR-11 Encourage diversity and inclusiveness in employment and training participation.
Not Started
Promote succession planning for businesses.
Not Started
Encourage businesses to extend their hours and be open on the weekends.
Not Started
Install 24-hour public restrooms on the Square. Not Started
Identify and analyze existing policies and/or ordinances that potentially hinder changing demographics and determine if they need to be adapted to create a community that will attract a variety of demographics.
Not Started
Complete a First Impressions program, run by UW-Extension, to learn new ways to improve the Square from other communities.
Not Started
Encourage more businesses to enroll participants in Green County Leaders.
Not Started