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City-based Projects
Project Number Description Status
Investigate hiring a Public Relations Specialist for the City who focuses on disseminating City-related information.
Not Started

Partner with non-city existing lines of communication, such as the Chamber of Commerce, to spread utility information. Not Started

Encourage community members to sign up for Nixle to receive emergency related emails and texts.
Not Started

Send emergency notifications to the Monroe schools and other large community organizations, which have internal processes for dispersing information to students, parents, and staff.
Not Started

Meet with farmers within Monroe’s watershed to discuss methods to reduce phosphorus use while farming, and to explore opportunities for nutrient trading Not Started

Build additional communication towers within Green County to ensure county-wide coverage.
Not Started

Upgrade the emergency management radio system
Not Started

Research and meet with other communities that have implemented a small rate increase annually to learn from their experiences.
Not Started

Hold a public Meeting to discuss annual small rate increases with businesses and residents
Not Started

U-EM-8:c Implement an annual or semi-annual small-scale rate increase that is both fiscally sustainable and which reduces large impacts to city residents.
Not Started

In recognition of the city’s demographics, ensure that all messaging be mixed-media and multi-generational, including the newsletters, listservs, social media sites, and flyers.
Not Started

Design information sharing networks with private partners
Not Started

Analyze business operations to determine simple changes that industries can take to reduce their phosphorus use.  Not Started

Identify the needs and concerns of surrounding businesses regarding transferring more high strength waste.
Not Started

Create a Phosphorus Reduction Working Group to come to an agreement on how phosphorus will be treated for by industry.
Not Started

Analyze the amount of high strength waste available in relation to the capacity of the Wastewater Treatment Facility, to determine energy production potential and financial considerations.
Not Started

U-EM-13 Analyze the feasibility for the City to begin regularly collecting separated food waste, in addition to garbage and recycling.
Not Started

U-EM-14 Start a pilot program to collect food waste from a particular residential neighborhood.
Not Started

Install two new T1 lines to create a loop for emergency dispatch.
Not Started