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Community-based Projects
 Project Number Description Status
Add landscaping and open space along the sides of the Badger State Trail between 22nd Ave. and 14th Ave. leading to Twining Park.
Not Started

Investigate the potential to use the Green County Fair Grounds during the off-season for recreational athletic fields.
Not Started

Investigate the potential for eliminating parking on one side of the inner circle of the Square, making a splash park and/or pedestrian-only area for the community to meet.
Not Started

LU-BE-10 Determine a public use for the two lots south of the middle school, currently owned by the City.

Not Started

LU-BE-12 Investigate the potential to put a sidewalk on the Highway 81 overpass to cross Highway 11.
In Process
LU-BE-13 Investigate ways to make the route connecting Highway 11 to W. 4th Ave. (heading north/south) easy to navigate for freight. Not Started

LU-BE-14 Add trees and landscaping along 8th St., 18th Ave., and Highway 69 between Highway 11 and the Square.
Not Started

Build partnerships with civic organizations to assist with installing and maintaining landscaping and city beautification.
Not Started

Prioritize and incentivize multi-family, high-density, and mixed-use housing developments near the Square.
Not Started

Encourage mixed-use, multi-family, or single family developments near the intersection of Highway 11 and Highway 69/18th Ave.
Not Started

Encourage single family housing on the west and east side of the high school, and just outside of the city on the west side.
Not Started