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Building a Garage or Accessory Building

Detached garages may not exceed 864 square feet, and must not exceed 18 feet in height. Said structure shall be at least 6 feet from the rear lot line, 4 feet from interior lot lines, and 25 feet from the front lot line, and 10 feet from the primary dwelling. Driveways must be at least 4 feet from the lot lines.

Accessory buildings and garden sheds can only be placed in the rear yard of the property. The accessory building should be no less than 6 feet from the rear lot line, 2 feet from any interior lot line, and 10 feet from any principal building. The accessory building may not occupy more than 30% of the total lot area. Sheds that are over 80 square feet in size must have a foundation or a concrete slab.