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What is a building permit?

A Building Permit is a document issued by the Building Inspector that authorizes specific instruction activities such as new construction, repairs, remodels, or adding on to pre-existing structures. For certain projects, the inspector may require receipt of construction plans prior to issuance of the permit. Most times if a project requires a permit, construction activities must be inspected during construction, after completion, or both. When a permit is obtained, it must be displayed in a window, so that it is visible from the street, throughout the entire duration of the project. 

Types of Permits:

  • Building Alteration/Repair Permit
  • Electrical Alteration/Repair Permit
  • HVAC Alteration/Repair Permit
  • Plumbing Alterations/Repairs Permit
  • Deck Permit
  • Demolition Permit
  • Erosion Control Permit
  • Fence Permit
  • Permit to Start Early Construction
  • Swimming Pool Permit – Above Ground
  • Swimming Pool Permit – In Ground