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Administration and Enforcement
The Building Inspector position is the designated “housing and property maintenance administrator.” The position is charged with exercising all the powers and responsibilities of the housing and property maintenance regulations. Sworn Police Officers of the Monroe Police Department have identical authority. 

Right of Entry
The housing and property maintenance administrator may enter any building, structure or premises in the City to perform their duties at reasonable times. The administrator is required to present proper credentials in order to do so. 

• Provide and maintain public information related to all matters arising.
• Maintain records of all matters arising.
• Conduct inspections, determine compliance and at take actions to ensure compliance.
• Make recommendations to the Mayor and Council.
• Coordinate inspection and compliance programs with relevant community groups.
• Issue violation notices.
• Issue emergency notices and orders that become effective immediately.

Notice of Violation Process

Investigation Process
Any suspected violations will be investigated by the housing and property maintenance administrator, who may enter upon any lands at all reasonable times for the purpose of carrying out their duties. The administrator is not liable, either personally or as an agent, independent contractor, or servant of the City, in an action in trespass or any other action for damages resulting from the performance of his or her duties, so long as he or she exercises reasonable care in the performance of such duties.

The housing and property maintenance administrator determines if there has been a violation or has reasonable grounds to believe there has been a violation then the notice of such violation shall be given to the person(s) responsible. 

Typical Violations

1. Notice shall be in writing. All letters will be sent by certified mail.
2. Letter shall contain description of property in question (address, location, etc…)
3. Specify the violations in listed order and by City ordinance.
4. List all remedial actions related to the violations.
5. Set a timeline for completion or any actions.

Emergency Violations – No notice or hearing required. Order is effective immediately. 

1. Determine emergency which requires protecting public health and safety.
2. Issue order with actions needed to be taken.

Procedure for Maintenance done by City

If any person neglects to maintain or repair property as required, the housing and property maintenance administrator may cause such property to be brought into compliance in the manner he or she deems most economical.

The cost of bringing such property into compliance shall be charged to the owner or owners of such property. All such charges shall be due and payable 30 days from the date of billing. Such charges shall not be payable in installments. 

If the charge is not paid when due, the charge shall become a lien upon the property. The charge shall be entered on the next tax roll in a column headed "For Property Maintenance", as a delinquent tax against the property on which the maintenance or repair was performed. All proceedings in relation to the collection, return and sale of property for delinquent real estate taxes shall apply to such charge, except as otherwise provided by statute. 

In case of railroad or other lands not taxed in the usual way, the amount chargeable against the same shall be certified by the City Clerk to the State Treasurer who shall add the amount designated therein to the sum due from the company owning, occupying or controlling the lands specified, and the Treasurer shall collect the same therefrom as prescribed in subchapter I, chapter 76, Wisconsin Statutes, and return the amount collected to the City. 

Designation of Unfit Buildings

The purpose of this section is to provide for the designation and repair or razing of those buildings which are so dilapidated, unsafe, dangerous, unhygienic, inadequately maintained or lacking in basic equipment, facilities, light, ventilation and heating so as to constitute a menace to the occupants or public.

Any building which shall be found to have any of the following defects may be designated as unfit for human habitation and in need of repairs or razing and so placarded by an authorized inspector. Legal notice shall be served upon the owner and on the operator of any building:

  • Which is so damaged, decayed, dilapidated, dangerous, unsanitary, unsafe or vermin infested that it creates a serious hazard to the health or safety of the occupants or of the public. 
  • Which lacks illumination, ventilation, heating, basic equipment or sanitary facilities adequate to protect the health, safety or general welfare of the occupants or of the public. 
  • Which because of its general condition, location or appearance is a blighting influence or causes decreasing physical or monetary value of property in the neighborhood. 

Any building or part thereof designated and placarded by the inspector as unfit for human habitation and in need of repairs or razing shall be vacated within a reasonable time as ordered by the inspector. 

  • No building or part thereof which has been designated and placarded as unfit for human habitation and in need of repairs or razing shall again be used for human habitation until written approval is secured from, and such placard is removed by the inspector. The inspector shall remove such placard whenever the defect or defects upon which the designation and placarding action were based have been eliminated. 
  • No person shall deface or remove the placard from any building or part thereof which has been condemned as unfit for human habitation and placarded as such. 

Any building or part thereof designated as unfit for human habitation and in need of repairs or razing by the inspector, which in the opinion of the inspector, would be unreasonable to repair shall be razed or removed upon legal written service of the order of the inspector. If the owner shall fail or refuse to comply with the order, the inspector shall cause such building to be razed or removed under the procedures provided for unsafe buildings in this code. 

Violations and Penalties

A person who violates any provision of this chapter or fails to comply with any of its requirements shall be subject to a class 3 forfeiture. A separate offense exists each calendar day during which a violation occurs or continues.

Any adult or juvenile who violates an ordinance punishable by a Class 3 forfeiture shall be subject to a forfeiture of not less than fifty dollars ($50.00) or more than two hundred dollars ($200.00). Any adult or juvenile who has attained fourteen (14) years of age shall also be subject to applicable costs.