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Automated Meter Reading System
Starting in July 2012 the City of Monroe Water Utility began a water meter replacement program that affects the Water Utility customers.  Over the next 36 months Utility Operators will be installing a new Automated Meter Reading system or (AMR).  The utility plans to replace all of its 4,500 meters with Sensus iPERL (for residential customers) and OMNI (for commercial customers) meters.  Once installation of these "Smart Meters" and the AMR program is complete it will increase meter reading efficiency in addition to providing meaningful, real-time data for customers.  The Monroe Water Utility will be able to remotely read all 4,500 customers from one location without physically having to read your meter on site.  The Utility will have the ability to monitor water consumption and may be able to catch a customer's leak in a more timely manner instead of waiting until the next meter reading, helping conserve water and save the customers from a potential high bill.

Why is the utility replacing meters? 
  • The useful life of a meter is typically twenty years.  The WI Public Service Commission (PSC) requires utilities to replace meters within this time frame.  In addition, the meters currently used by the Monroe Water Utility are being discontinued; therefore parts and service will no longer be available for repairing meters.

What is this going to cost me? 
  • The Monroe Water Utility will pick up the cost of most meter installations; however customers with deduct meters or large volume water use that does not discharge to the sanitary sewer system will be required to purchase a new deduct meter.  The meter replacement is a mandatory installation and there is no cost to the property owner for the installation.  Each installation will take approximately one hour to complete.  Failure to allow access to replace the meter will be handled in accordance with WI Administrative Code PSC 185.37(2)(F).

Will anyone need to enter my home? 
  • Yes.  The water meter and main water shut off valve are inside the house.  In most cases the meter is wired to a remote READ-O-MATIC device.  Each water meter will be replaced with a Sensus iPERL meter.  The new meter will be wired to a remote transceiver box.

What will the Utility Operator need to do to replace the meter
  • Installation of this new system will require that Utility service staff access the meter in the basement replacing it with a new meter and radio device.  If a utility service staff member stops at your house and finds no one at home, a door hanger will be placed on the door.  Please make every effort to contact the Utility and set up an appointment to have the meter changed.  Also on the day of your appointment, please have everything away from the meter so the Operator can get in and complete his work.

Will the Utility Operator need to do anything else
  • At the same time this work is being done, the Utility service staff will be performing a DNR mandated cross connection inspection. A cross connection is any connection in the home or building that could potentially back feed into the municipal system causing contamination. A cross connection inspection survey sheet will be completed, and the information shall be shared with the home owner.  Vacuum breakers are installed on outside hose spigots to prevent the possibility of cross connections. The Utility installs the first one at the Utilities expense; any additional vacuum breakers needed will be installed and billed on the customer’s next water bill for $ 5.25 each. 

When will the meter replacement be scheduled?
  • We hope to install most of the meters during regular business hours:  Monday-Friday 7:00am to 3:30pm.  The Utility will make every effort to accommodate each customer's schedule.

Do I need to have any plumbing work done in conjunction with the meter replacement? 
  • Usually not.  The new meters are the same size as the existing ones so we don't expect any problems.  You will have a valve next to your meter, the valve in the basement is customer owned and if not working right before the meter replacement the homeowner will have to contact a plumber to have the valve repaired or replaced.

Must an Adult be home at the time of the appointment? 
  • Yes.  It is the Utility's policy that the owner or an adult representative (age 18 or older) be present during the replacement.

What if I encounter a problem with the newly installed meter? 
  • Contact the Water Utility Office at 608-329-2484 or 608-329-2485.