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Bulky Waste Disposal
What is Bulky Waste?

"Bulky Waste" is the term used to designate any solid waste, which due to its composition, weight, or bulk, cannot be effectively collected and transported. This includes furniture, appliances, furnaces, toilets, carpeting, swing sets, etc.

How do I dispose of it?

You must purchase a "Bulky Waste Sticker" at City Hall (1110 18th Avenue) or at the Wastewater Treatment Plant (1224 10th Avenue West).  Bulky Waste items will be scheduled to be picked up on the same day as your garbage day.  The cost for a Bulky Waste Sticker varies based on the item(s) being placed at the curb for collection. 

Bulky Waste Pricing

 Air Conditioners  $40.00 each
 Boiler  $20.00 each
 Box Spring (Twin)  $5.00 each 
 Box Spring (Full, Queen, & King)  $10.00 each 
 Carpeting  $10.00 per room (dependent upon room size)
 Carpet Padding  $10.00 per room (dependent upon room size) 
 Concrete Yard Ornaments  $20.00-$40.00 each (dependent upon size) 
 Dehumidifers  $40.00 each
 Dishwashers  $20.00 each 
 Doors  $5.00 each (screen door) 
 Doors  $10.00 each (solid/steel) 
 Drywall/Plaster  Contact For Pricing 
 Dryer  $20.00 each
 Freezer  $50.00 each
 Furnace  $30.00 each
 Hot Tubs  $30.00 each
 Mattress (Twin)  $5.00 each
 Mattress (Full, Queen & King)  $10.00 each 
 Recliner  $10.00 each 
 Refrigerator  $50.00 each 
 Satellite Dish  $5.00 each (small) 
 Satellite Dish  $10.00 each (large)
 Sink  $10.00 each 
 Sofa  $10.00 each 
 Sofa Sleeper  $20.00 each 
 Stove  $20.00 each 
 Swing Set and Poles  $20.00 each 
 Tires  $5.00 each (all sizes)
 Toilet  $10.00 each (break it down to put in garbage cart too!) 
 Treadmill  $20.00 each 
 Washer  $20.00 each
 Water Heater  $20.00 each 
 Water Softener  $10.00 each
 Windows  Contact for pricing 
 Other items  Call (608) 329-2490 for Pricing Information 

Bulky waste items will not be picked up at the curb without a Bulky Waste Sticker being issued and paid for at City Hall or at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

For more information contact the Street Department at (608) 329-2490 or City Hall at (608) 329-2500.