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Historic Preservation Commission
The City Council created the Historic Preservation Commission, which consists of seven (7) members.

  • One member shall be a licensed real estate broker; 
  • One shall be a historian; one shall be a registered architect; 
  • One shall be an Alderperson; 
  • and three (3) shall be citizens. 

Each shall have, to the highest extent practicable, a known interest in historic preservation. The Mayor shall appoint the commissioners subject to confirmation by the Common Council, to the following terms commencing May 1 of the year of appointment: the Alderperson shall serve for a term of one year; the licensed real estate broker and one citizen member shall serve for an initial term of one year and succeeding terms of three (3) years; the historian and one citizen member shall serve for an initial term of two (2) years and succeeding terms of three (3) years; the registered architect and one citizen member shall serve for an initial and succeeding terms of three (3) years.

If no person meeting the required qualifications is available, a citizen member shall be appointed to fill such position so that the Commission has at all times seven (7) members.

The Commission has the power to designate historic structures and historic sites and to recommend designation of historic districts within Monroe’s limits subject to City Council adopted procedures. Such designations shall be made based on City Council adopted criteria. Historic districts shall be approved by the Common Council. Once designated, such historic structures, sites and districts shall be subject to all the provisions of the Historic Preservation Regulations.

Historic Preservation Plan for the City of Monroe Downtown Historic District

  • Tom Kelly, Chairperson
  • Richard Thoman, City Alderperson
  • Donna Bahler         
  • Aaron Holverson
  • David Riese
  • Bub Zwygart
  • Russ Brown