City Council

The Monroe City Council has nine members, who are elected on a nonpartisan basis and represent the city as a whole. Councilmembers serve two-year, overlapping terms.

§ 1-5-1Council, mayor and alderpersons.

[8-4-1981; 5-15-2007; 8-16-2011; 2016 Code; 4-6-2016; 9-6-2016]

(A) Council. The council shall consist of the mayor and nine alderpersons.

(B) Beginning date of terms. The regular terms of the mayor and alderpersons shall begin on the third Tuesday of April succeeding their election.

(C) Mayor. The mayor shall be elected for a two-year term in the annual spring election of even-numbered years.

(D) Election of Alderpersons.

(1) Charter ordinance. Pursuant to Section 66.0101 of the Wisconsin Statutes, the city adopts the method of choosing alderpersons as set forth herein and hereby elects to not be governed by Sections 62.08 and 62.09(1)(a) of the Wisconsin Statutes with respect to the number and method of choosing of alderpersons. Existing alderpersons shall hold their respective offices as of the effective date hereof for the balance of their terms.

(2) Elected at large. Alderpersons shall be elected at large for a two-year term in the annual spring election. Four alderpersons shall be elected in each of the odd-numbered years and five in each of the even-numbered years.

Effective as of April 1999 all Alderpersons receive an annual salary of $3,000.00 a year.

Regular Meetings
By City Ordinance City Council meetings are held every 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 6:30 pm. Meetings are open to the public.

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Council pic
Pictured left to right
BACK ROW:  Alder Mickey Beam, Council President Brooke Bauman, Alder Michael Boyce, Mayor Louis Armstrong, Alder Kelly Hermanson, Alder Joshua Binger
FRONT ROW:  Alder Robert Driver, Alder Tammy Fetterolf, Alder Donna Douglas, Alder Richard Thoman