Visitors and Promotion Commission

City Code 2-14-3: Duties

The commission shall have the following duties:

(A) Establish procedures for granting funds collected as a result of the room tax established under title 3, chapter 14 of this code. Such procedures shall be subject to approval by the council and shall provide, at a minimum, for:

(1) Submittal of proposals for the expenditure of funds by any person or entity requesting such funds.

(2) Inclusion in each proposal of a statement of how the proposed grant of funds will benefit the city.

(3) Obtaining an accounting of funds granted.

(B) Administer the fund created by title 3, chapter 14 of this code; allocating monies from such fund for the advancement of the tourism industry in the city, and retaining such reserves as the commission considers necessary.

City Code: Visitors and Promotion Board

City Code Title 3 Chapter 14: Room Tax

V&P Program Rules 
  • Bill Ross, Chair
  • Chris Sachs
  • Art Bartsch
  • Brittany Svendsen
  • Donna Douglas, City Alderperson
For any questions regarding the V&P Commission, please contact the city Assistant City Administrator, Sam Liebert at  (608)-329-2500