Monroe Redevelopment Authority

City of Monroe Redevelopment Authority Mission Statement & Goals
The mission of the Redevelopment Authority is to encourage well-planned, integrated, stable, safe and healthful neighborhoods, through the reinvestment in neighborhood development, the fostering, and promotion of business expansion and job creation, and the facilitation of new business and housing development.

Collaborate – Collaborate with local and regional partners (organizations, businesses, developers, etc) to reach common goals and enhance the City’s position with local, regional, and State housing and employment markets. Collaboration shall also include working with elected officials to solidify and standardize the redevelopment process within the community.

Preserve – Preserve the history of the downtown and near downtown homes by leveraging the protections of structures and the local identity in the community. New and redevelopment projects should be sensitive to the location and the community context.

Promote Catalyst Projects– Promote and support redevelopment projects through property restoration, acquisition, redevelopment, and new development efforts within the redevelopment area boundaries to promote a thriving downtown and near downtown areas.

Housing Stabilization and Growth – Encourage, incentivize, and facilitate the development, redevelopment, and restoration of single-family, multi-family, owner-occupied, renter-occupied, and senior housing in the community.

RDA Plan Process Timeline   (Approved on 11/21/18, Revised on 12/18/19 )
By-Laws of the RDA  (Approved by City Council on 01/07/19)

Informational Public Forums

With the support of Monroe Main Street and the Monroe Chamber of Commerce, the City recently held a series of public forums to address the benefits of Redevelopment Authorities and gather feedback to assist with the creation of programs to incorporate into the Redevelopment Project Plan.


Commissioners & Term Expiration

  • Phil Rath, Vice-Chair  (2019)
  • Dave Wartenweiler  (2019)
  • Ron Spielman  (2020)
  • Ryan ZIltner  (2020)
  • Charles Koch  (2021)
  • Ron Markham  (2022)
  • Michael Boyce, Chair  (2023)

*RDA Commissioners are appointed to 5 year terms by the Mayor.