Airport Board of Management

2-13-4: Duties

The board is hereby vested with responsibility for the construction, improvement, equipment, maintenance and operation of the airport. The board shall have the following powers:

(A) To make policy related to the maintenance, operation and control of the airport.

(B) To manage, maintain, operate and control the airport.

(C) To enforce the provisions of this code on the airport.

(D) To establish fees and charges for the use of airport facilities, subject to approval by the council.

(E) To recommend to the council the adoption of ordinances and resolutions to further the purpose for which the airport is established.

(F) To adopt rules and regulations for the normal, ongoing operation of the airport.

(G)To recommend to the council the employment of persons to administer, supervise and control the construction, operation, maintenance and use of the airport within the scope of the authority delegated to them by the board, and the compensation of such employees.

(H) To contract, subject to council approval, for a supervisor to service the airport.

(I) To enter into contracts or other arrangements as are considered necessary for the construction, improvement, maintenance or operation of the airport.

(J)To command the services and advice of the city engineer and the city attorney to the extent considered necessary.

(K)To enter into leases regarding airport land and improvements.

(L) To approve airport fixed base operator licenses.

(M) To approve leases and contract for the operations of concessions on the airport.

(N) All other powers needed to adequately fulfill the delegation of this chapter.

  • Ron Marsh, Chairperson
  • Rob Schilt
  • Clarence Peters, Secretary
  • Thomas Kelly
  • Michael Lambert
  • Bill Liimatainen
  • Barrett Briggs