Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between sanitary sewer and storm water sewer lines?

What part of the sewer system serving my property is my responsibility to maintain? What is the City's responsibility?

What preventative maintenance measures does the City of Monroe take to keep sewer lines flowing properly?

I've heard that every customer served by the City's sewer system will have one or more cleanouts on their property. What is a "clean out" and where is it located?

What should I do if a sewer back up occurs at my home or business?

Can I file a claim against the City for a Backup?

What can I do to prevent a sanitary sewer back up in my home or on main lines?

Who is responsible for paying for a sewer backup?

Does my homeowners insurance cover sewer backups?

What can be done to protect my home from future sewer main backups?

Where can I get more information?