Deduct Meters

Monroe Municipal Code provides for the installation of a deduct meter.  If a person feels a significant amount of metered water does not reach the sanitary sewer, he or she can at their own expense, with approval of the approving authority, install such additional meters or metered services as are necessary to calculate the volume of water not discharged to the sanitary sewer.  Metered water not discharged to the sanitary sewers shall not be subject to sewer service charges.  Requests to install additional meters must be made in writing to the approving authority.  


  1. Complete application form (link below) and pay $45.00 fee.
  2. Contact Water Utility at 329-2485 to purchase meter.
  3. Contact plumber to install permanent deduct meter.
  4. Contact Water Utility when meter is installed and the department will get the initial reading.
Cost Estimate

Purchase Meter & Transmitter $228.00
Plumber Install Meter $150.00 
Permit $45.00 
Approximate Initial Cost  $423.00 

Water usage needed to recoup intial expense, 92,977 gallons: (12,430 cubic feet).

Annual water usage needed to break even with permit fee, 10,600 gallons (1,417 cubic feet).



Water Department: (608) 329-2480