Automated Meter Reading System

Starting in July 2012 the City of Monroe Water Utility began a water meter replacement program that affects the Water Utility customers.  Over the next 36 months Utility Operators will be installing a new Automated Meter Reading system or (AMR).  The utility plans to replace all of its 4,500 meters with Sensus iPERL (for residential customers) and OMNI (for commercial customers) meters.  Once installation of these "Smart Meters" and the AMR program is complete it will increase meter reading efficiency in addition to providing meaningful, real-time data for customers.  The Monroe Water Utility will be able to remotely read all 4,500 customers from one location without physically having to read your meter on site.  The Utility will have the ability to monitor water consumption and may be able to catch a customer's leak in a more timely manner instead of waiting until the next meter reading, helping conserve water and save the customers from a potential high bill.

Why is the utility replacing meters?

What is this going to cost me? 

What will the Utility Operator need to do to replace the meter?

Will the Utility Operator need to do anything else?

When will the meter replacement be scheduled?

Do I need to have any plumbing work done in conjunction with the meter replacement?

Must an Adult be home at the time of the appointment? 

What if I encounter a problem with the newly installed meter?