Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is staffed by 19 uniformed patrol officers. This division is the first line community resource in the Department. Typically 3-4 officers are on patrol at any given time. However as call demands increase, they may be augmented by other available staff such as administrators, detectives, and other support personnel. Their primary duties are the enforcement of law, maintaining order, and protection of life & property. The majority of their efforts involve code enforcement and quality of life issues. Officers patrol in cars, on foot, and on bicycles.

The Department has a canine (K-9) unit. Several local businesses and individuals contributed funds to purchase a Belgian Malinois for the Department in 2006. Sergeant Dan Maresch attended specialized training, and is the assigned handler for tracking, searches, and drug detection.

As staffing levels and weather permit, officers are given patrol assignments to a specific area on foot, or a region of the city on bicycle. The Department discovered that by deploying patrols in this manner encouraged more contact between officers and citizens. What started out as sort of a novelty became a widely recognized and desired detail. Several of our officers are mountain bike patrol certified and comprise a bike unit. The Department currently owns five bike units, all of which were purchased with community donations and grants. Officers are detailed to the bikes, many times as an outright replacement for a patrol car.