Criminal Investigation

The Criminal Investigations Division consists of three detectives.   The Division typically handles criminal & sensitive crimes investigations. They also maintain the Department intelligence files, property inventory, and investigative equipment.

Most cases are generally initiated as a patrol officer responds to the scene of a crime. If the need for specialized assistance is apparent, or the investigation exceeds the scope of the field officer's duties, a detective may be assigned.  Criminal cases referred to the Division are under the direct supervision of Detective Sergeant Skatrud.

Each detective is veteran officer, selected for the job because of their unique and proven abilities. They are given extensive training to deal with a wide variety of criminal activity and employ modern tools for the collection of evidence.  

Additionally, the Department assigns one patrol officer to a drug task force operated by the State Line Area Narcotics Team (SLANT). The organization consists of officers from Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois agencies.  SLANT officers have jurisdiction throughout all of Illinois and portions of southern Wisconsin.