Swim Lessons

Summer School Swim Lessons 
June 18 - July 6 (no class July 4th) or July 9 - July 27 

Who: School District of Monroe Students 
Day: Monday - Friday 
Time: 10:00 - 11:00am (Levels 1-6) (Entering K - 10th) 
11:00am - 12:00pm (Levels 1-6) (Entering 1st - 10th) 
Location: Outdoor Pool at Recreation Park 
Fee: $2.00 
Register with Monroe Summer School only! 

Summer School Booklet: 
The Summer School Booklet available February 26th online and at the school to pick up. 

Summer School Registration 
Monday, March 12 at 9am - Friday March 23rd at 4pm. *Family access username and password needed. Late registrations will be allowed until Friday, March 30th at 4pm.

Summer School 11:00 Class 
The 11:00 is very popular, please only register for one 11:00 class in June or July. If you want to do two sessions, you will need to sign up for one 10:00 class and one 11:00 class. 

Swim Level 
You must know the appropriate swim level in order to register for swim lessons which is found on the yellow certificate you received in your school folders. If you do not know what level your child should be in, please check column at right or contact Marge Klinzing at 329-2465. 
If your child is in the wrong level, they will not be able to receive lessons if the correct level is full. 

Swimming Lesson Information: 
Your child will be tested on the first day of class to determine if they are in correct level. 
Bring swimming suit and towel with name on them. 
Parents are allowed on the deck the first and last day of class. You may watch the class from outside the fence on all other days. 
All students receive a certificate on the last day of lessons. 
Every effort is made to hold a class. In event of rain, some class time may be spent inside the bathhouse. 
Leah Houston is available to answer any questions or concerns about your child's progress. 

Park and Rec Public Swim Lessons 
Who: Swimmers - 42” tall AND entering 4K-8th Grade 
When: July 30 - August 10 
Day: Monday - Friday for 2 weeks 
Time: 11:00 - 11:50am 
Fee: $35 Residents, $45 NR 
Register: Monroe Parks & Recreation Office or online
Private Swim Lessons 
If you wish to obtain private swim lessons, you can contact the lifeguards personally to set up swim lessons for your child. Private swim lessons are $16 per half hour & are paid for at Pool. Please call the Park & Recreation office at 329-2460 for contact information. After June 2nd you can also contact the pool at 329-2476. 

Parent & Child Instruction 
Day: Monday - Friday at the outdoor pool 
Time: 12:00 - 12:30pm 
Fee per session: $15 Residents, $25 NR 

This program is for children up to 4 years old and have little or no previous experience in water adjustment lessons, are reluctant to enter the water or submerge, require floatation support at all times and benefit from parental presence and support in the water. 

Session 1: June 11-June 14 
Session 2: July 2 -July 6 
Age: 6 months - 4 years 
(must have parent/guardian with each child - 1-on-1) 

Preschool Aqua Swim Lessons 
Age: 3 - 5 year olds at the outdoor pool 
Fee per session: $30 Residents, $40 NR 
Aqua Swim Lessons are for children ages 3 - 5 years old who do not fear the water and will work with a swim instructor on learning how to submerge themselves. These classes are for children who are comfortable without their parents in the water with them. Classes are Monday-Thursday with Fridays reserved for make up sessions due to inclement weather. 

Skippers 1 
Session 1: June 18 - 28 (Mon - Thurs)  Noon - 12:30pm 
Session 2: July 23 - Aug (Mon - Thurs) Noon - 12:30pm
The objective of Skippers 1 is to focus on water adjustment, safety and basic swimming skills. Skills: Submerge mouth, nose, and eyes, water entries and exits and water safety. 

Skippers 2
Session 1: July 9 - 19 (Mon - Thurs) 12:00 - 12:30pm
Session 2: Aug 6 - 16 (Mon - Thurs) 12:15 - 12:45pm
Prerequisites: Passed Skippers 1 
The objective of Skippers 2 is to begin development of fundamental swimming skills. Skills: Submerge entire head, perform assisted kicking on front and back, float on front and back without support. 

Special Needs Swimming Lessons 
Sponsored by Arc 
The cooperation of ARC, and a grant from the LEO Fund, has allowed this class to be available at a minimal cost for participants and provides the ability to have one-on-one instruction when possible. Participants with special needs must be able to handle their own personal care or have a caregiver with them. They need to stand in the pool by themselves and be continent. Lessons will be held June 18 - July 25. Participants will go to the pool from 5:15-5:45pm, free swim 5:45-6:00pm.

Swim Lessons with Lifeguards: Children on Mondays 5:15-5:45pm for $12, Free swim 5:45-6:00pm
                                                   Adults on Wednesdays 5:15-5:45pm for $12, Free swim 5:45-6:00pm

Free Swim time with playground staff: Children on Wednesdays 5:15-6:00pm
                                                             Adults on Mondays 5:15-6:00pm

Level Information 
Level 1 - Intro to Water Skills 
(Polliwog at YMCA ) Enter and exit water using ladder steps for side, blow bubbles through mouth and nose, bobbing, opening eyes underwater, and retrieving submerged objects, front and back glides and floats, recover vertical position, roll from front to back, and back to front, tread water using arm and hand actions, alternating and simultaneous arm and leg actions on front and back and combination of both. 

Level 2-Fundamental Aquatic Skills 
(Guppy at YMCA ) Gives participants success with fundamental skills. Enter and exit water by stepping or jumping from the side, fully submerge and hold breath, bobbing, open eyes under water and retrieve submerged objects, front jellyfish and tuck floats, front and back glides and floats, recover to vertical position roll from front to back and back to front, change direction of travel while swimming on front or back, tread water using arm and leg actions, combine arm and leg actions on front and back, finning arm action. 

Level 3 - Stroke Development 
(Minnow at YMCA ) Builds on the skills in level 2 through additional guided practice in deeper water. Enter water by jumping from the side, headfirst entries from side in sitting and kneeling positions, bobbing while moving toward safety, rotary breathing, survival, and back float, change from vertical to horizontal position on front and back, tread water, flutter, scissor, dolphin, and breaststroke kicks on front, front crawl and elementary backstroke. 

Level 4 - Stroke Improvement 
(Fish at YMCA) Develops confidence in the skills learned and improves other aquatic skills. Headfirst entries from the side in compact and stride positions, swim underwater, feet first surface dive, survival swimming, front crawl, and backstroke open turns, tread water using 2 different kicks, front and back crawl, elementary backstroke, breaststroke, sidestroke and butterfly, flutter and dolphin kicks on back. 

Level 5 - Stroke Refinement 
(Flyin Fish at YMCA) Provides further coordination and refinement of strokes. Shallow-angle dive from the side then glide and begin a front stroke, tuck and pike surface dives, submerge completely, front flip turn and backstroke flip turn while swimming breaststroke, sidestroke and butterfly sculling. 

Level 6 - Swimming and Proficiency 
(Shark at YMCA) Refines the strokes so participants swim them with ease, efficiency, power, and smoothness over greater distances. Level 6 is designed with “menu” options that focus on preparing participants for more advanced courses, including the Water Safety Instructor, or other aquatic activities such as competitive swimming or diving.