Sports, Squirt Guns and Pool Fun

Sports, Squirt Guns & Pool Fun
Each week, we will play a different sport: kickball, dodgeball, soccer, baseball, flag football, whiffle ball, etc.  One group of 6-8 year olds will play a sport for 45 minutes while another group of 10-12 year olds plays with squirt guns. Then they’ll switch!  Kids should bring their own squirt gun with name on it.  We will be sanitizing all equipment after the kids use it.  We’ll go to the pool from 3:00 - 4:00pm and back to Swiss ALPS at 4:00pm to play.  This program meets on Tuesdays, July 7 – August 11, 1:00-4:30pm at Recreation Park North shelter.  Fee is $25 residents/$35 non-residents.

Monroe Parks and Recreation Guidelines for providing a safe program:

  •  Parents should wear masks when dropping off or picking up kids at the adventure club .  Please keep social distance for other parents arriving.
  • Staff will be wearing masks
  • We will be cleaning and sanitizing tables and games and equipment we use for each activity.
  • We will be using hand sanitizer for staff and children and will “gel up when they get there  and “gel down their hands after the program is over. 
  • At this time, the CDC is not requiring us to check temperatures but only asking parents to not bring children when sick or instructor will call parent if the child gets sick during class.
  • Children will be asked to bring a bag of their own art supplies each day to include: crayons, sidewalk chalk, etc. to use for craft time.  We will let you know what supplies are needed.
  • We will be able to use the playground equipment for our program.
  • Restrooms will be cleaned according to CDC guidelines
  • Children will bring their own snack and their own water bottle because there are no drinking fountains available at the park. 

Parents may register their children by stopping down to Parks & Rec office, lower level of City Hall, or register online at  For questions, please call the office at 329-2460.