Terrace Tree Planting

The Monroe Parks and Recreation Department offers a Fall and Spring Terrace Tree Planting Program.  Residents who would like a tree to be planted on their terrace need to order and pay for the tree at the Parks and Recreation office.  The Park and Recreation is located in the lower level of City Hall, 1110 18th Avenue. 

You will be given a flag to place in the terrace where you would like the tree to be planted.  Tree orders for Spring 2019 can be placed until April 5th.  Flags for Spring 2019 should be in place April 12th.  Tree orders for Fall 2019 can be placed through October 4th.   Flags should be in place for Fall 2019 on October 11th.   Park Department staff will then use the flag as a guide when they stake the location for Digger's Hotline.  Spring 2019 planting is schedule to being April 22nd.  Fall 2019 planting is schedule to begin October 21st.  
Several items to consider when ordering a terrace tree: If you have overhead utility lines over your terrace ONLY a low growing tree may be planted.  On corner lots, at street intersections, no tree shall be planted in the triangle formed by measuring 30 feet from the intersection of the curb lines of each adjacent street.  Spacing between new trees should be a minimum of 25 feet.  The terrace width should be a minimum of 4 1/2 feet.  No tree can be planted within 25 feet of a fire hydrant.  No tree can be planted nearer than 10 feet from a water stop box.

The price of the tree includes the Park Department planting, staking, mulching, fertilizing and watering the tree at the time of planting.  The homeowner is also given information from the nursery on care after planting.  The trees are guaranteed for one year and will be replaced at no cost.  These trees are only for city residents and can only be planted on the terrace.

The cost listed of all trees except the Emerald Lustre Maple is one half the regular cost of the tree.  The other half is being covered with a 2019 Department of Natural Resources Urban Forestry grant.

Trees available for the spring planting include: 
  • London Plane Tree $38 - bare root
  • Regal Prince Oak $74 - #15 container
  • American Sentry Linden $78 - balled and burlap
  • Turkish Hazelnut $83 - balled and burlap
  • Skyline Honey Locust $43 - bare root
  • Emerald Lustre Maple $75 - bare root

Spring Low Growing Trees    

  • Ivory Silk Japanese Lilac $34 - bare root
  • Cleveland Select Pear $32 - bare root

Trees available for the Fall planting include:    
  • Regal Prince Oak $74 - 15# container   
  • American Sentry Linden $74 - balled and burlap
  • Emerald Lustre Maple $75 - bare root

Fall Low Growing Trees    

  • Ivory Silk Japanese Lilac $34 - bare root

2019 Spring Terrace Trees
2019 Fall Terrace Trees