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City of Monroe Dog Park

Monroe Dog Park

The Monroe Dog Park is a 2.6-acre fenced area in the north business district, 120 N 29th Ave, where dogs are allowed to play off leash. The dog park is divided into two sections: a two-acre large dog area for dogs over 30 pounds and a one-half acre small dog area that is reserved for dogs smaller than 30 pounds. The Monroe Dog Park is open to registered members only.


SteP one to getting your Monroe Dog Park LIcense is you need to have a Dog License

Citizens who would like to use the Monroe Dog Park in the City of Monroe, must first have or obtain a dog license from the city, township or village in which they currently reside. If you have a dog license for the City of Monroe, and can’t find your receipt, we do have a copy of all the names on file with the City Clerk.  Otherwise, please check with your municipality or village to find out where to obtain your dog license.  If you live within the city limits of the City of Monroe, dog licenses can be purchased at the City Treasurer’s office, temporarily located at the Monroe Police Department, 1811 12th Street.   To obtain a dog license you need to have proof of a rabies vaccination from your veterinarian.    Office hours for the City Treasurer in Monroe are 8am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, and the phone number is 608-329-2528.


Step Two is to obtain your Monroe Dog Park License and get a REd tag to use the Park  

After you have your dog license, you may apply for a Monroe Dog Park License.  This license includes the entry code to the dog park gate, as well as a Monroe Dog Park red tag, which must be worn by your dog when visiting the park.  Dog Park Licenses can only be purchased at the City of Monroe Clerk’s office, temporarily located at 601 W. 17th Street.  Office hours are 8am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, and the phone number is 608-329-2524.

If you wish to purchase a Monroe Dog Park License, you will need to bring the following with you to the City Clerk’s office:

•           Completed Dog Park License Application with Release of Liability Form

•           Proof of Municipal/Village issued dog license

•           Proof of current rabies vaccination

•           Proof of current Bordetella vaccination

The Dog Park License application and liability form can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:



The fee for the Monroe Dog Park License for the remainder of 2017 is $15 for the first dog, and $2.50 for each additional dog.  The Dog Park License is good until December 31st, 2017.  Starting January 1st, 2018 the Dog Park License will need to be renewed, the cost is $30 for the first dog and $5.00 for each additional dog, and are good for one calendar year, January 1 to December 31.   Cash or Check will be accepted.  We don’t take credit cards.


The Monroe Dog Park was funded entirely by donations from individuals, businesses, and organizations.  Thank you to all our donors who made this Dog Park possible.   The City of Monroe Departments have worked with the Dog Park Committee in planning this venture.  Thank you to the Committee members, Jeff Newcomer, Ryan Ziltner, and Katherine Frey for all their hard work and organization in helping this project come to fruition. 

Dog Park Rules