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Posted on: June 21, 2018

TFO Public Notice

This is a public notice under section 283.55 (1) (dm) of the Wis. Stats., in accordance with reporting requirements for Sanitary Sewer Overflow from the Department of Natural Recourses.

On 6/18/2018 at approximately 7:50 our operator on call received a call from our SCADA system for a head works high level alarm. Our operator responded to the plant at 7:55. When he got to the head works building he noticed water seeping out under the doors. The operator found that all 3 screw pumps were running and water was overflowing out of the intake channel. The operator opened the bypass channel and the over flow stopped @ approximately 8:05. It was estimated the wastewater that was lost was approximately 75 gals. Due to the heavy rain in such a short period of time the intake into the plant was over 10,000 gals per min. This TFO did not pose any danger to humans nor did it get into honey creek. If you have any question or concerns about this incident please contact Mike Kennison, Water and Wastewater Supervisor at 608-329-2485 or Alan Gerber, Director of Public Works at 608-329-2532.


Michael L. Kennison

City of Monroe Utility Supervisor

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