Date: Tuesday, January 16, 2018 
Time: 7:00 PM
Place: Fire Station 1 - 601 W 17th Street


Call to order & Roll Call
Correction of Minutes
Business: Open
Policy for Exemptions from Procedure for Authorized Purchases
Individual Requesting Item
City Administrator
Expected Length of Discussion
15 min.
Consideration of Utilizing Facility Capital Funds for Specific Projects
There are two projects in the capital schedule the City would benefit having completed ahead of the start of the HVAC project.  If these items are completed ahead of the pending HVAC project, they will be incorporated seamlessly during the HVAC updates.  The projects are: 

1) Behring Senior Center - add backup boiler
2) Replace weathered front doors of City Hall
Individual Requesting Item
City Administrator
Expected Length of Discussion
10 min
Business by Members
May make brief informative statements or bring up items to be discussed at a future meeting.
This Committee may take any action it considers appropriate related to any item on this agenda.

Requests from persons with disabilities who need assistance to participate in this meeting, including need for an interpreter, materials in alternate formats, or other accommodations, should be made to the Office of the City Clerk at (608) 329 2564 with as much advance notice as possible so that proper arrangements can be made.

Members: Chairperson Michael Boyce, Brooke Bauman, Chuck Koch, Ron Marsh

Youth in Government Members:  Cael Losenegger, Francisco Ocampo, Rebekah Rath